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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
What is a 'post ascension place'? Below the horizon? (post -after, ascension - the ascendant, just a guess) What is the significance of something being post ascendant?
It's difficult to be consistent in terminology. If I use the appropriate terminology, then, as above, I'm using terms which are no longer in use. So I try to use modern terms, in this thread and introduce relevant terms as appropriate. This one slipped past the net LOL. So I'd better explain

Hellenistic Astrologers viewed the chart as four angular triads (Schmidt's term, I think). Each triad consisted of three places, so the four triads are: 12th, Asc, second; 3rd IC, 5th; 6th, DSC, 8th; 9th MC, 11th.

Using the Ascendant triad as an example, each triad consists of:

Decline: The Place that was at an angle but has now passed - 12th in this case

Pivot: The angle itself - the Ascendant. The Decline can be considered as what has already happened (the Past) so the Pivot, is the Present. As it's name suggests it's a place where things are in balance but can change. The Pivot is also seen as being concerned with action: One of the meanings of the Greek word is a goad; something that stimulates action.

Post Ascensional; The place that will become the Pivot (and therefore lies in the Future) - The second in this case.

The therefore correspond to the Modern, Cadent, Angular, Succeedent houses but note that they are considered in order starting with the Decline and working through to the Post Ascensional, with the angle or Pivot in the middle.
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