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December 15 - 21st 2016

Butterfly- A change for the better
Box- You will receive a gift
Tiger- Doing something risky. Taking a chance.
Haystack- Karma: you will reap what you have sown.
Lightening- Control your anger or you will be sorry.
Knot- Unsuccessful plans
WishBone- A wish is granted

I pulled seven cards because a friend who just bought this deck said to try it out with 7 cards.

A change for a better that is like a gift requires taking a chance to reap what you sown about anger over unsuccessful plans will be granted or unsuccessful plans of a wish wanted to be granted.

Box - An actual box or a gift.
Tiger - Risk or maybe someone born during the tiger Chinese year or something reminds me of a tiger.
Haystack - An actual haystack, maybe something to do barn/farm management,
Lightening- electricity, an actual lightening, something mechanic.
knot- an actual knot, knot also makes me think of tying the knot (birth control, permanent birth control) even reminds me of marriage,
Wishbone- an actual wishbone, turkey, or maybe it's just an actual wish I say out loud like an affirmation.
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