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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
I'm learning a lot from you. So no problem with unfamiliar terminology!

I'm exhilarated by Valens (and thanks to your *very generous* help, not getting stuck as I would have if I couldn't have anyone to ask questions of). Still only on Book 2. So much to learn!! (hooray!)

Today I learned post ascensional (and 'angular triads') ! All good!
OK will do!

To me, Valens is an Astrologer, talking about both the theory and practice of Astrology and enjoying it. There are others that fall into the same category throughout history, including Lilly and Morin (though Morin is more into the theoretical side). Their Astrology is rigorous, grounded in a philosophical approach and much more focused than what passes for Astrology today.

Traditional approaches aren't easy - mainly because the authors wrote to supplement their teaching and didn't need the sort of text that is pushed out today. Many of their terms and methods have been stripped out, often with nothing better (or even nothing at all) to replace them. Therefore the modern reader is faced with an almost alien discipline. However, what Valens and his era produced is, still with us: Charts, the Ascendant and angles, aspects, signs and the zodiac, houses and house meanings. It's just that they make so much more out of it than the modern Astrologer.
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