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Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
I see what you mean. You're right. Your Zodiac Oracle might be a better fit for thematic readings.

Well, I am still trying to get used to connecting with the deck. I am realizing that I might have to do more card pulls to get more precise interpretations. For example, if I get "Firecracker," I'd pull out a card to get a more precise sense of where I'll see this "excitement" will manifest itself.

I'm also still trying to see whether I should read the cards collectively or as individual events. I see that sometimes it's a collective message, and sometimes each card serves as an individual event. I guess I have to find a way to rectify these issues to get more precise interpretations

What's your take on these cards?
There is definitely a different learning divination theme to these cards. I am just not sure yet.

It's very different from every divination tool I have used. So it's really an adjustment. Like the Chakra zodiac oracle....they are amazing for certain types of readings, but not for all.

These tea leaf oracle cards are still quite different from Lenormand. While Lenormand I specialize more in Grand tableau than smaller pulls. Lenormand is very event base.

Tea leaf oracles are not 100% event base there is a level of intuition tied to it to translate the cards.

I tried a 7 card pull for my week reading. The lightening card got me scratching my head because it's such an odd placement unless lightening will signify something I'll see a lightening or a symbol of a lightening. I might even come across a electrician (lightening). Maybe something to do with my light bill...I know my electricity bill is due next week.
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