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Basket (Recognition, Reward for Merit)
Tent (Temporary situation)
Valley (Deep personal strength and peace that assure success)
I am a member of a social media campaign company that selects "social media influencers" to try and review free products. I got a surprise e-mail today that they would be considering me to get some free products from L'Oreal ... IF I was willing to post a picture of me taking a selfie near the L'Oreal section at my nearest store. This could be what the basket card could be about.

But I turned it down. It's just not "me" to take a selfie in front of a store make-up shelf lol.

The tent card ... I think this is about me sort of moving around the house with my laptop. Once my butt starts to feel numb, I get up and move to another stop and continue working. Everywhere I perched myself to work was only temporary.

And the valley was exactly how I predicted. Being extremely focused on writing and getting things done.
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