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Valens: Horoscope # 4

(yes I plan to work through every single chart in the book. And a few more from friends and family)

Not stated explicitly this is a day birth chart, but ASC is Leo, and Sun is in Taurus, so it is.

ASC - Leo
Sun, Mercury - Taurus (10th)
Moon - Aquarius (7th)
Venus, Saturn - Aries (9th)
Jupiter - Virgo (2nd)
Mars- Pisces(8th)

Lot of Fortune - Taurus (10th)
Lot of Exaltation - Cancer (12th)
Lot of Spirit (not given, but most likely Scorpio 4th)

Place of Prosperity = 11th from the Lot == Pisces (with Mars in it)

Slinging our algorithm
1. Sect Leader - Sun
2. Trigon Lords (day birth in Taurus,so, in order): Venus, Moon , Mars)
3. Trigon Lord 1: Venus (in Aries, not in its own Trigon, and the 9th. Cadent, but still a good house, and (Lord of Fortune) in the 12th from Fortune - not so good.Though Valens doesn't use this, Venus is also in detriment.So, overall quite weak.
Trigon Lord 2: Moon (in Aquarius, not in its own trigon, the 7th, Angular. 10th from Fortune. Very good)
Trigon Lord 3: Mars (natal in Pisces, in its own Trigon, natal 8th, not so good, in 11th from Fortune, good)
4. So the first half of the native's life is likely to be worse than the excellent 2nd half. (here we finally find a good indicator of 'mediocre early life)

5. The lot of Fortune is in the natal 10th (Taurus). This is an excellent position. A sign of eminence. Sect Lord ,who is also Lord of Ascendant, conjunct Fortune. *very* good. Lord of Fortune (Venus) is in the natal 9th (which is good) but 12th from Fortune (not so good). Trined by Jupiter. Very good.

Lot of Exaltation is in the natal 12th (Cancer), third from Fortune. Not so great, but there is a sextile aspect to Fortune. Lord of Lot of Exaltation (Moon) is in Aquarius the natal 7th (and tenth from Fortune) . so angular from both reference points, but not aspecting the Lot.

Lot of Spirit is tentatively in Scorpio (natal 4th) which is angular both with respect to ASC and Fortune, and trined by its Lot. If this is a correct placement, this is a very powerful Lot Of Spirit, and to quote "Minderwiz" the native is likely "to make his own luck"

6. Place of Prosperity (11th from Fortune) is Pisces (natal 8th, not a good place) but with Mars (lord of Spirit) in it, (and trining Lot of Spirit).

Ok, so in the absence of other information, I'd judge this to be a native who is very lucky in the second half of his life, but perhaps no so much sheer eminence, thanks to 11th place from Fortune holding Mars, and ruled by a Jupiter in detriment, and Lord of Fortune in12th from Fortune. But Lord of Spirit (assuming correctly caltulated to be in Scorpio) is trined by its Lord Mars. A martian 'action hero' - possibly a warrior.

Now Valens' judgment
"So the native’s life was at first burdened and lowly, but since the Moon is at an angle [1], later he came into governmental and advantageous circumstances.

Likewise the Lot of Fortune was found in Taurus, the exaltation in Cancer. The Moon, the ruler of Cancer,(so Lord of Lot of Exaltation) was found at MC relative to the Lot of Fortune therefore the native came into great fortune and governorship [2] Mars is found in the Place of Accomplishment, [which gave to him] property from plunder, stealing, and violence, property which after his death was plundered most abominably [3]"

[1] because Moon is second Trigon Lord, the latter half of life is good.
[2] I missed this 'royal' configuration. Drat! "If (Lot of Exaltation or its Lord) is found to be in the Ascendant or at MC, especially at an angle relative to the Lot, it indicates a royal chart"
[3] Ahh this is the effect of Mars in 11th from Fortune.! Mars also rules the 4th - the place of post death legacacies/reputation if I remember correctly.

Note to self: I suspect, after this 'eminence check' a 'normal' evaluation of the chart, with which planet is in domicile, exaltation etc, aspected by whom, etc would give a fuller picture
e.g Mercury Lord of the 2nd is in the 10th, with Jupiter in the 2nd, and though in detriment is trined by the Ascendant Lord from the 10th, so the native is (will become) rich etc.

Today was a busy day and I did this in a very short time. Hopefully didn't get anything too wrong.
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