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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Basket - Star - Hand - Teapot - Yoke

Basket: Recognition. Reward for merit.
Star: Guaranteed success.
Hand: In need of hep, assistance, and guidance.
Teapot: Deep friendship with someone of the same sex.
Yoke: Feeling tied down, or frustrated.
Basket may be an actual shopping basket.
Star could be an actual star or you go to a place that has a symbol of the star.
Hand can be a nail salon, palmistry
Teapot an actual teapot, indicate something very small, victorian, actual tea leaves or tea.
Yoke an actual egg, maybe a place called yoke, etc.

Non - literal

Basket+Star might indicate you doing well in your classes.
Hand you may receive assistance from someone.
This someone may be a Teapot type person.

Yoke might be something totally different. But you did speak of a counselor.. so this someone might help you with any frustration or limitations you are feeling.
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