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Horoscope # 7.

Ascendant Libra
Sun, Mercury in Cancer (10th)
Moon in Tarus (8th)
Jupiter, Mars in Leo (11th)
Venus in Virgo (12th)
Saturn in Pisces (6th)

Lot of Fortune in Leo.
Lot of Spirit in Sagittarius.
Lot of Exaltation Cancer (given).

Day birth (Sun in the 10th!). So sect Lord = Sun
In Cancer. Therefore triplicity lords in order = Mars, Venus, Moon

First Half of Life ruled by Mars. Mars is in Leo, in its own triplicity, 11th natally, succedent. same place as Fortune, so relatively angular. Excellent. Lord Sun in natal 10th, 12th from Fortune. Conjunct Jupiter!

Second Half of Life ruled by Venus in Virgo:In its own triplicity. In natal 12th, so cadent.3d from Fortune, so relatively cadent. Lord Mercury in natal 10th, Cancer, (excellent), 12th from Fortune.

Supporting Trigon Lord: Moon, in Taurus, in natal 8th (bad place), succedent, but exalted in Taurus. In its own triplicity. In 10th from Lot of Fortune. Lord of natal 10th.

First half of life looks better than the second, which seems shakier. Supporting Lord is strong (modulo placement in natal 8th)

Lot of Fortune. in Leo, natal 11th, with Lord Sun in natal 10th (Cancer) and 12th from Lot .

Lot of Spirit: In natal 3d (Sagittarius) with Lord Jupiter in Leo, the natal 11th (wowza!) . Sixth (and so relativel cadent) from Lot of Fortune.

Lot of Exaltaton in Cancer, natal 11th, conjunct Jupiter, with Lord Moon in Taurus, 10th from MC.

Place of prosperity = 11th from Lot of Fortune = 11th from Leo = Gemini. No planets here, but Lord Mercury is in 12th from Lot of Fortune with Lord ofFortune. So good. (but repeated cadency hmm)

Very emininent nativity. Ok that is my judgment. (the cadency worries me. Still..)

Valens says.
"This nativity too was illustrious and distinguished. The native was entrusted with royal office and was thought worthy of a high priesthood. The ruler [Mars] of the triangle [Cancer Scorpio Pisces] was found with the ruler of Daimon [Jupiter] in [the XI Place of] Good Daimon and with the Lot of Fortune.
The Sun, at MC, was assigned the Lot. The ruler of the exaltation, the Moon, was at MC relative to the Lot of Fortune.

The Place of Accomplishment was irregular and unstable, sometimes being too full, at other times empty, for Saturn and Venus were in aspect to it [square]"
Whoa . I didn't understand that last sentence *at all*.

Minderwiz, some help? where did the "sometimes full and sometimes empty"come from? and what does that even mean?
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