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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Basket - Star - Hand - Teapot - Yoke

Basket: Recognition. Reward for merit.
Star: Guaranteed success.
Hand: In need of hep, assistance, and guidance.
Teapot: Deep friendship with someone of the same sex.
Yoke: Feeling tied down, or frustrated.
Basket + Teapot: yesterday I went for dinner with co-workers. They're becoming friends.

Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
Bridge - Successfully overcoming a problem
Crib - birth or conception of a child or enterprise
Wall - misunderstanding

I know Bridge can't be literal because I have no plans of going out tomorrow, so to add more detail, I'll pull a clarifier on the bridge card to answer, "What problem?" I got Skull - Hidden Secrets May Harm You I also asked how it would be alleviated, and I got Camel - Perserve and you will overcome
Maybe, despite not having plans of going out, you'll end up being drawn out anyway which would be surprising (skull) but you will get through it (camel).
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