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[Detour] Wrestling with the Lots - 1

In all the above examples Valens is doing basically two things.

1. Evaluating the state of the three triplicity lords of the sect light, and using these states to look at the relative goodness or badness of the first and second halves of life. So some people start with poor or mediocre circumstances, then the second half of life is bettor or vice versa. Valens mentions that such shifts happen when the relevant chronocator 'rises'. I understand this, and more importantly have verified this with charts of friends and family.

2. Evaluating the chart with regards to the Lots of Fortune, Spirit and exaltation.
He seems to do two levels of analysis.
a. The place of each Lot, its Lord's place and the aspects each receives. This 'standard' astrlogical analysis, almost as if the Lots were planets, except that they don't 'emit' aspects, only receive them.

e.g: In my birth chart, the Lot of Spirit is in Leo (3d place of the Goddess), with Lord Sun in Sagittarius, so trining the Lot. The Moon in Libra sextiles (by sign only, not by degree, though the Lot *is* witihn the moeity). This should generally indicate good things.

b. He takes the place of the Lot of Fortune as the 'first place" and evaluates the other lots with respect to *this* starting point. I don't yet have a solid grip on this, but I can follow an analysis.


With regard to *evaluating* the Lots (and places related to them like Place of Prosperity), especially for specific examples, Valens is able to read extra information into it that I can't.

See the example chart # 7.
Valens says " The Place of Accomplishment was irregular and unstable, sometimes being too full, at other times empty, for Saturn and Venus were in aspect to it [square]".

I have no idea how this interpretation is drawn from the chart. So I assume I'm missing something. Time to explore.

What do I need to learn to solve this confusion? What questions do I have?

1. What is the philosophy or theory behind the Lots? (doesn't need to be absolutely correct, I just need a working model so I can apply thinking to it)

2. Given a specific placement of each Lot (in place X, aspected by Y and Z, in place A relative to Fortune) I need a methodology (simple is good) to anylyze the effects in a *concrete* manner.

I have the beginnings of such an approach by combining Minderwiz' hints (see his earlier post on how the various places starting from Lot of Fortune give information about how fortune affects each natal house) with what Valens says with respect to a specific chart. More on this later.

Back to question 1. What is the theory or philosophy of the Lots?

Chris Brennan has an excellent paper [1] on the 7 Hermetic Lots that seems, at first glance to answer question 1 about the philosophy or theory behind the lots.. While not based primarily on Valens, he has some excellent points in the paper work that might be useful to summarize here.

From the paper
"The end result of this attempt to reconstruct the theoretical rationale underlying the calculations of the seven Hermetic lots is the discovery of a highly complex and subtle conceptualization of the natures of the Lots of Fortune and Spirit."

Sounds like what I need to learn. Let us get started.

(More to come. I'll be working through the paper paragraph by paragraph, and when done will correlate what I learned with what Valens says and see if they mesh. )

[1] The paper is at
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