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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
December 15 - December 21st is pretty much over.
I did some home repairs/filling some hols (butterfly)
I received a gift from my mother (box)
I saw a documentary that had a lot to do with risk taking (Tiger)
I had to control my anger because I was about to flip on someone(haystack+Lightening)
Yesterday I had an unsuccessful plan, but my wish was granted anyway. Also I had an unsuccessful plan today (21st) because I missed a doctor's appointment, but in no way was it a wish granted. (Knot+wishbone)

Let's see what next week holds.
Thanks for giving a summary and run down of this CB! Really puts it all into perspective. You should do it every week. And I can add a few of these to my notes to better understand these cards. Very good. Thanks!
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