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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
Lol. 7 ( or less) lots should be more than enough. I think Valens will get to at least 5 (fortune ,exaltation, basis, Eros , Necessity - that's 5 . I'm sure a couple more will turn up.

Thanks again, Minderwiz, very helpful as always. Greatly appreciated.
It's easy to begin adding more and more Lots, as the history of Astrology shows. The trouble is that as there are only seven planets and the Ascendant, some lots have to double up, depending on context, or the AStrologer needs to use Lots based at least partly on other Lots (though Lots based on Fortune and Spirit seem to be the most valid).You will also find Lots for the same thing, which have different formulae, depending on the Astrologer; Marriage being a case in point, where even Valens has more than one (though with some justification, as you can look at marriage in different ways, e.g. as a contract and therefore a legal relationship, or a love match, which doesn't have to be legally binding, or a religious requirement/condition).

You will find Lots which use house cusps, and Lots which project from a different point than the Ascendant (there's a case for Lots projected from the Lot of Fortune, in the same way that there's a case for a house system based on Fortune), but you can project from any point such as a house cusp, another Lot, or if you want, the Antiscion of Mercury. The problem is now clear. Because you can create an almost infinite number of Lots (it probably is astrolnomically high if you use modern planets, asteroids, hypotheticals, etc) but just because you can do it, does that mean that you should do it? It loses sight of the rationale for doing it and the underlying validity of the Lot.

I use Morinus Traditional, for Lots, even though Delphic Oracle can supply dozens and dozens of them. Morinus allows them to be entered individually, so you only have the Lots you need and allows them to be switched on and off, so you only have the Lots you need for a particular horary question. I currently have 27 Lots, but most of these are for specific horary questions, such as marriage/relationships, property and real estate, key relative such as father, mother, brothers, sisters. Even then, I use them sparingly.

Fortune and Spirit I always keep switched on and in Delphic Oracle I have all seven Hermetic Lots switched on. I don't really use Solar Fire for Lots, it's too rigid, though I have added the Lot of Spirit to my charts.
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