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Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
This reading was all very confusing for the most part. None of these cards do not clearly correspond to any part of the day, except for the skull card, which you were correct on. Definitely a headache.

I didn't really have a problem to overcome, unless the card was just talking about my routine tasks at work. I mean, it's work, but it wasn't so much of a hurdle or problem. But I will say it was a good day. No frustrating work today. So that could be what it meant - that it wasn't an issue at all.

Crib, also a hard one. I have no idea what it's referring to. I

Wall, could have been that one of my co-workers that I was speaking to online was confused about something at work, and she finally had a "Aha!" moment.
Crib made me think of the slang for an apartment/place of living when I first saw it. But it makes me sound like street rat. lol
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