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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
3 of swords - 7 of Wands

Have you just broken up with someone ? These cards suggest that you will meet after a painful breakup (perhaps betrayal) with someone else, the 7 makes me think that you will (at that time) be very wary about letting your guard down again ....and may at the beginning keep the new guy very much at arms length - but I guess he will be persistent or will know how to disarm you ....

QU: I don't feel I'm making any headway - comment from the universe please ....
7 of Cups/Chariot

If you're realistic about your options you'll be able to make better head way, are you sure you're seeing what's really in front of you or are you making things out to be something they are not? If you have unrealistic expectations and goals you'll get nowhere quickly.

Q: Outcome if I leave this job?
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