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Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
I pulled a few daily cards today, but forgot to post on the forum. And the day's almost over, so I actually have the interpretation for each card in correspondence with today's events.

Chair (Empty) - Someone is leaving your life
Purse - Pay Attention to Your Finances
Heart - Love, Deep Affection, and Caring

Chair - Could me my good friend. I've been so busy the past week, I wasn't able to get back to her calls. When I finally was able to spare the time to speak to her, she didn't reply. *Shrug*

Purse - I had to spend a majority of my bonus money on a broken broiler ... fun!

Heart - could be the message I got from a guy on a dating app.
I guess my previous interpretation of yesterday's day forecast was right... you needing to spend your bonus money on something that breaks down.
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