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Valens Horoscope #8

Ascendant Leo (1st)
Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus in Scorpio (4th)
Moon in Aries (9th)
Saturn in Libra (3d)
Mercury in Sagittarius (5th)
Lot of Fortune (by Calculation,night birth) Pisces (8th)
Lot of Exaltation (roughly) 2nd (Virgo)
Lot of Spirit (roughly, not given, by calculation) Capricorn (6th)

Lord of Sect (since night birth, Leo rising, Sun in Scorpio, 4th, so 'below ground) Moon.
Moon in Aries in the natal 9th. So trigon lords are Jupiter, Sun, Saturn

First half of life; From Jupiter in the 4th (angular) not in its own trigon, 9th from Fortune
Second half of life: From Sun in 4th (angular) not in its own trigon, 9th from Fortune
Supporting trigon Lord : Saturn in 3d, cadent, not in its own trigon ,8th from Fortune. Pretty weak (though exalted in Libra)

So not much change - no drastic rise/fall between the two halves of life.

Lot of Fortune in the 8th. Not good. Lord in the relative 9th and natal 4th. good.

Lot of exaltation in the natal 2nd. Succedent. So angular wrt Fortune. Good. Lord in 10th relative to Fortune. Very good.

Lot of Spirit(speculative) in tha natal 6th. Cadent. Lord in the 11th from Fortune. Very good.

Place of Prosperity (11th from Fortune) is Capricorn. Natal 6th. But Lord Saturn is exalted in Libra and trines it. So very good.

Ok I wouldn't hve judged this as a particularly eminent nativity. Except the Ploce of Prosperity (which seems very strong, the rest of the testimonies are mixed (imho). I guess Moon in the same place as Lot of Fortune (close to Full Moon?) pushes it over the edge.

Valens says

The ruler of the exaltation, Mercury, was found in Sagittarius, at MC relative to the Lot of Fortune, and it elevated the nativity with respect to livelihood. Likewise the rulers [Sun Jupiter] of the triangle [of the Sun: Aries Leo Sagittarius] and of the Lot of Fortune were found at IC. This made him miserly, unambitious, and niggardly.
I don't understand how Valens derived 'miserly' etc.

But more importantly, I thought the Moon was the sect Lord. If Leo is rising, surely Scorpio (where the Sun is) is below the horizon?. And the Moon in Aries is above the horizon? What am I missing?
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