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Originally Posted by JeniReadsTarot View Post

How many folks do we need to start one, do you think?
Originally Posted by JeniReadsTarot View Post
So do we have enough folks interested to start a study group? I'm planning on doing a blog post for every card, mostly to encourage myself to really dig into these as I just love them.

I'd be willing to start a study group thread (my first one!) if others are interested in discussing this deck. I'm very intrigued with the flipping of the elements and with all of the animals in this deck. I might actually get a handle on Aces and Court Cards now!
Actually for a study thread I believe one only needs one person.
(as I know someone did a whole thread on a deck on their own).
And yes - I'd be interested.
So - just begin!
PM me that you've begun it so that I don't miss it.

I've just opened mine today - received as an Yule/Xmas request.

..shame about the thin cardstock though.
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