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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
This is just a daily reading?

Fan- An actual Fan or a Fan (like being the fan of tom cruise or whatever) or romance/celebration, Party.

Dog(barking)- Advice from someone you consider a colleague or friend.
Literal is a Dog barking.

1. Maybe you will see a dog that you think is just the cutest/fall in love with.
2. Maybe there is someone you idolize and you see an interview of them
3. A person gives you advice about party, romance, celebration.
4. Maybe you will be the Dog(barking) about romance, celebration, party in one of your articles or to a specific person.

I was thinking that too! Like a fan of a celebrity of some sort. Several events happened today, and I'm not quite sure where it fits in with these cards.

For example, I was live tweeting one of my favorite shows tonight (fan of a show and joining in on the chatter on Twitter). Your number two makes sense here in a way.

But I also got a text from a guy who has a crush on me who wanted to see me tonight for just a little bit. I couldn't because I was busy. So that could have been the romance/celebration thing.

As for Dog - Advice, I got advice from a co-worker online regarding one of my New Year's resolutions, but I also got advice on the Exchanges from a fellow AT-er.

Your number three makes sense for the former in a way
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