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I have an interesting trio of cards for today which is very uncharacteristic of my uninteresting life lol ...

Chair - Filled (Someone new is entering your life)
Claw (Do not take risks)
Spear (Heartache over what you no longer have)

I have no damn clue who this "new person" could be. I pulled an extra card to find out who, and I got "Rat (Someone working against you behind your back). Well, at least I know that whoever comes into my life is a rat!

This might be a stretch, but the guy who had a crush on me might be visiting me? Just a thought. Claw. Well the only thing I can thing of here are my finances, but I'm not planning on making any risky purchases so we shall see...

Spear? Gosh, every once in a while I reminisce about the past about ex love interests, but never heartache. We'll see!

If I read this as a combo, maybe a new person in my life (maybe even an AT member) warns me not to take a risk on a former love interest? God who knows.
Chair Filled - If I remember correctly, I pulled a "Chair Empty" card for a friend of mine who sort of disappeared because I've been so busy with work last week. Well, she's come back and texted me today and asked about my NYE plans. So there ya go.

The Claw - well I really wanted to get something that is distributed by someone who had a successful kickstarter campaign. However, I did a little research and found that a lot of people didn't get the product they paid for and felt scammed. I didn't want to risk it!

The Spear could have been about the movie I was watching today. A rom com.
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