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December 30th 2016 - January 5th 2017
Bird Perched - Waiting for news, package, or letter
Eye- Psychic ability trust your instinct
Torch- Spiritual development, enlightenment, awareness, and understanding.
Cat- A two-face friend.
Hat- you will be playing a different role.
Ladder- Climbing toward success.
Hammock- taking a vacation, physical or mental.
Heart- love, deep affection, and caring.

I got heart last week....and it was some ex reaching out to me.

This week I might be waiting for news, package, or letter (I do plan on ordering some parts) also I might be practicing some readings with a friend tomorrow (birds+Eye+torch) and the message may be about a two-faced friend playing a different role.
Alternatively.... I may be acting two faced by playing a different role to people depending on who they are in my life.
Ladder may just be stand along or tied into Hammock+heart
Hammock+heart may be talking about taking a vacation with someone I deeply care for whether that is romantic or just with family...I will have to wait and see.
or Maybe it is tied to a hobby I love doing and it will be like taking a vacation...something I enjoy (hammock+heart)

December 30th 2016
Bird perched+Eye+Torch
I did a spiritual message practice with a friend. So part of the reading was about enlightenment and the other part was just psychic work.

Idk if this will end up meaning something else down the line. But, we'll see.

December 31st - January 5th
Cat+Hat= I had a two face moment with someone. Someone message me about someone else asking me questions about the person. I spoke to them about the person, but I never said anything that was really mean. The person was just wondering if the other person was playing a role.

Ladder= I had a talk with my mother about some career studies as well as I was thinking of ways to climb toward success. In addiction I was finally successful with a trap I laid out. In addiction I finally made an appointment with a doctor.

Hammock+Heart= I'm going to see family this weekend and I think that is it. I have to drive quite a miles to get to it.
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