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Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
Dark Woman
Tulip - Great Passion
Turkey - Someone is behaving stupidly

The dark woman could be my friend J. I'm still waiting for her reply for a text I sent her earlier.

The tulip is an easy one. I'm going to see a love interest of mine tomorrow. Should be a passionate date.

Gosh, I'm not sure who Turkey would be. Might be my uber driver not knowing where he's going while I'm omw home.
I was dead on about the first two. LOL for tulip, I did indeed go on a date with a love interest of mine. And let's just say things got a little too heated and things definitely got passionante .

Turkey could apply to two scenarios in my life. I was super annoyed with my dad that morning because he seriously tried to have a Skype work meeting with other doctors - and didn't really think about the fact that his computer doesn't have a webcam. Like WHAT are you thinking?! So I had to lend him my laptop for two hours (which has a webcam) and I lost out of two hours of worktime. My dad's getting older and it's frustrating and scary that he's not thinking straight these days

Also my Uber driver as an absolute joy, but he went onto giving me advice about how stupid he used to be when he was younger and how he's learned from that experience. So AnemoneRose, you were very close with that one!
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