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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Interesting... I think they're a little bigger than a penny, 34mm is about 1.33 inches, maybe two pennies. Still seems kind of small for the price, especially since they're unpainted. But I'm not a gamer and thus don't have a good feel for what price would be reasonable. Looks like the sculptor did a nice job though.

I'd also be a bit nervous about buying them as they're produced - if the project fails for some reason, then the set would never be complete.
This. It's like those indiegogo projects where the person gets the money in dribs and drabs, starts work - doesn't get enough to complete and no-one ends up with anything.

I don't even want these though; I REALLY can't see the point. I like the figure I HAVE. She cost me about $2, as I recall. Now a set of majors like her, I'd go for

Oh my - they release a new system of tarot magick.... They are a totally new world.

I think in the timeline of OTT claims, this ranks - rather high...
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