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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Lion: Time to act
Four-Leaf Clover: Great, good fortune
Flute: Disappointment in a friend or lover
Jug: Lighthearted, carefree time
Ant: Work, achievement, success
Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
Lion pops up for me, it seems, when someone is stuck in making some choices and they're unsure what to do. So you might be urged to make a quicker decision with the Lion card. My best guess for Clover and Flute is either you having a lucky experience and being disappointed that your friend isn't happier for you. Or your friend telling you about a lucky experience, but you're not too thrilled about it or as happy about it for some reason or another.

Jug as a light-hearted carefree time sounds like a good ol' fun day with a friend.
You were right about Lion. I had to make some "good enough" choices today because there was time pressure involved. I think that I had a jug moment yesterday - I shared a beer with a friend and gave her quite an involved Oracle reading (not using these cards; I used a different deck).

Hi Emily!
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