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Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
Goldfish - Increase in material wealth or spiritual growth
Four Leaf Clover - Great, good fortune
Success (Astral House)

Well, I am inclined to put all of these together as one event. I am planning on creating my own tarot deck so I wonder if something auspicious will happen tomorrow as I am materializing this into reality. We shall see!
Wow, what a disappointment. None of these cards seemed to materialize today. Sure I made money by working today, but nothing out of the ordinary to call it an increase in wealth. And I did start to work towards my tarot deck creation, but success and good fortune is miles away ...

I think AnemonieRose mentioned this, but what really gets me are the events that don't get addressed or "announced" by the cards. For example, today I came down with a bit of a cold with a sore throat. Why wouldn't the "FLY" card, known for illness, come forward? And also, today, I had a guy I know surprisingly tell me that he's in love with me and falling for me. That didn't seemed to be addressed by the cards either ...

Hm, I don't know how I feel about this deck. One day it's spot on, the next it doesn't resonate
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