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Originally Posted by danieljuk View Post
Happy New Year Bonny!
I'm not looking at any of the previous posts regarding this, to do this neutrally

Pixie's Astounding Lenormand - House + Mountain
(Base Card: Bouquet)

So the base card is Flowers and it was supposed to be a sweet gift but his response to your response looks more troubled. The House + Mountain to me shows troubles with a literal house or a home life. It's like a house on a mountain top that you have to climb up and down to all the time! It's hard work! I have an intuitive image with this combination of a house built (like a cottage) and a mountain of rock blocks the front door! He thinks his home life is hard work and full of blockages, it's not easy.

Q. Why did my friend on Facebook S not acknowledge the comment I made to him with lot's of advice about a situation he is in? He acknowledged everyone else but I got blanked but I shared my experiences of being on the same medicine as him, which caused us both big problems He does have mental health problems but I just feel like blocking him now and under appreciated because he ignored it totally why?

Ring / anchor / path / snake / scythe

Apologies EVERYONE for drawing five cards but this was not showing itself by 2.!!!

S is on unreliable and shaky ground themselves. He is deciding cutting blows based on deceitful bases and this has damaged the stability of your connection. There is two sided energy in this spread Dan, indicating he has two sides and erratic. Best not to take any of it personally. Sorry for the hurt !! ��


FB: correct. His kids now live actually in a cottage beyond a mountain. Amazing read! Well done!

Q. What are Ás intentions regards his marriage to P?(he has been living hours away seperate for two years now
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