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I'm kinda new to tarot. I have had this deck for a while but haven't used it. Now I'm relooking at it. It is a beautiful deck. The bird on the High Priestess does seem to be a falcon or some type of hunting bird. In fact I imagine if you were a mouse or something that bird would be swooping down to get you. It looks like the talons are getting ready to grip. The bird also seems luminesce or glowing, maybe from the moon.
From the book by Londa:
"A seer or necromancer is an entity that speaks on behalf of others. Necromancy is the art of enlivening magick powers through communion with the dead. Both encounter visions, and express them to others or use them for their own purposes.

The Crow's Magick High Priestess brings you a sense of modern prophecy for the new season of the witch; the chosen ones, the seers, sorcerer's or necromancers. The season has arrived, enticing those of unearthly abilities to come out of their places of secrecy and share knowledge from their gods. Transcending a merciless gate is the first indication of the hawks powers. ( I guess this is a hawk )
She dons a beautiful feathered casing as a smoke screen to confuse and weaken the invincible, then forces discovery upon them. As enticing as she is, there is a hesitation from recipients; an unwillingness to see past the surface of mundane activities and structure.
DIVINATION: Open yourself to listen to all thoughts and see all visions. You will be shown how to get what you need. Be aware of omens and accept them. Be aware of out-of-the-ordinary experiences and people; they are unearthly messengers. Someone will look in your eyes and fill your soul, if you allow it to happen. (I really like that part.) You will be shown how to find the treasures for which you have been searching.
REVERSE: Blind. Unreasonable. Shortsighted. Thinking in the short-term instead of the long-term. The answers to your problems are obvious."

After typing this in and really reading it, this card kinda reminds me of those movies where the Indians go into a spirit or see a message from a spirit in the form of a bird or creature, oh well just my thoughts. Thanks for making me appreciate this hidden treasure of a deck.
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