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the symbolon deck--OVERVIEW

I’d like to open up a study group to deal with the Symbolon deck. You may have already read the thread entitled “Symbolon Deck” that I opened in the non-tarot divination section. This post will touch upon many of the topics covered in that thread.

This deck is no tarot. The only immediate similarity between the two is that each has 78 cards.-- nothing more. But neither is the deck an oracle in the ‘normal’ sense. It does not promise to ‘foretell’ the future.

Rather, the Symbolon deck is a self-examination tool. It will bring one’s attention to a particular persona that is blocked. It will highlight which of your many selves can help solve a problem. It can examine past lives and show one how to ‘re-member’ (to put back together) yourSelf.

The Symbolon has a unique structure. There are 78 cards, unnumbered. Each has a title, but it is not scribed on the card. The deck relies much on astrology for its structure, although very little astrological knowledge is needed to use this deck effectively. The deck can be divided into two groups.

The first is 12 archetypes, representative of the zodiacal signs and their ruling planets. These cards are marked with the glyph for the zodiac sign in one of the top corners, and that of the associated planet on the opposing bottom corner.

The archetypes are as follows:

The Warrior (Aries/Mars)
The Lover (Taurus/Venus)
The Mediator (Gemini/Mercury)
The Mother (Cancer/Moon)
The Ego (Leo/Sun)
The Servitor (Virgo/Mercury)
The Partner (Libra/Venus)
The Seducer (Scorpio/Pluto)
The Preacher (Sagittarius/Jupiter)
The Master (Capricorn/Saturn)
The Jester (Aquarius/Uranus)
The Angel (Pisces/Neptune)

The remaining 66 cards are made from the combination of two archetypes and their characteristics. The card is marked with the zodiac signs in the top corners and the planetary symbols in the bottom corners, such that the planet is directly beneath the zodiac.
For example:
If we combined The Lover with The Angel, we get The Garden of Spirits. This card would combine the qualities of the two archetypes.
We can think of the process as the thesis, antithesis, synthesis process. Before we go into the ‘minor’ cards, I think it may be best to contemplate on the archetypes for a while. For those of you who do not have the deck, I’ve attached a portion of the lwb which deals with the archetypes.

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