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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Lion: Time to act
Four-Leaf Clover: Great, good fortune
Flute: Disappointment in a friend or lover
Jug: Lighthearted, carefree time
Ant: Work, achievement, success
Lion + Ant - describes my workplace, which comes close to crisis management. I had very little downtime for learning the ropes. I had to get into the swing of things right away!
Jug - how it felt before going back to school, by comparison.

Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Jumper: Table ~ Hard work ahead
Bridge: Successfully overcoming a problem
Skull: Hidden secrets can harm you
Boat: Money or property through an inheritance, winning, or windfall
Dog - Close up: Pleasure with a close friend
Today was Table. It was tough at work! I achieved Bridge and successfully navigated some of the workplace challenges.
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