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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Jumper: Table ~ Hard work ahead
Bridge: Successfully overcoming a problem
Skull: Hidden secrets can harm you
Boat: Money or property through an inheritance, winning, or windfall
Dog - Close up: Pleasure with a close friend

Given that I started my final semester of school yesterday, I will guess that Table has to do with that. I need to start focusing on getting a job so that I have something lined up for when I graduate. Bridge could also be school? Or getting something done in my life - like bringing my lunch with me this week?

Skull might have something to do with my placement? Or my job?
Boat: well, I don't have too many people around me who can leave me money, aside from my immediate family, and I don't tend to play the lottery. So unless Boat + Skull + Bridge means someone's death (which I doubt)?
Dog - close up: I don't yet have any plans to see a close friend, although I know that that could change.

I'm not great at literal meanings.
I could make friends with a dog. I could find some cash. I could have people gossip about me. I could complete something challenging, or difficult.
Hmm ... I agree with your table interpretation and it may coincide with the Bridge card as well. Maybe there might be some blockage to understanding something in your studies, but it will all come together in the end.

As for the skull, I've gotten this before as some sort of conflict of the mind that causes a problem with relationships, whether this is a friendship or a love interest. It could be something that you're not ready to discuss, skeletons of the past, that somehow cause issues.

Boat seems nice! Could be someone offering you a loan or a monetary gift - perhaps from the friend close-up!
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