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What a nice topic

I love seeing and hearing about all your stuffed friends. Boris is cute! Not a scary spider at all. Great name by the way - I caught the Who reference.

My earliest beloved stuffed friend was a small green cat. For some reason, he was named Snowball even though he was green. I don't know where he came from, but I must have gotten him when I was very small myself. I don't even remember what he looked like with fur on... he is mostly naked and rather misshapen in my earliest memories. I don't have Snowball anymore, because my little brother fell hard for him and I let him go. As far as I know, my little brother still has him (and still loves him).

I do remember when and where Foxy came from. I was eight when I saw him in a toy store, and I immediately started saving my allowance and chore money. I was obsessed for months (he was rather expensive) and was always asking to visit him at the toy store. Then I got him for my birthday Since I was older when I got him, he escaped the worst ravages of childhood love, but he was definitely loved, carried around, and slept with for many years. He's the one animal from my childhood that regularly appears in my dreams.

I never fell for a bear of any description, though I had a few. The closest would be a Pooh made of corduroy that my mom made me. (Wish I still had Pooh!) But just the other day I started thinking I need a bear. Not a teddy, but something more like this. I don't know why, it just came to me, I need a bear and his name needs to be Fardels (for the bear in Hamlet). I'm sure the right bear will turn up sooner or later.
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