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Book 2 Section 37 . Injuries and Diseases with Examples in Each sign

Here Valens gives 3 distinct schemes for assigning specific signs to bodyparts (and so diseases that affect them)

In the first two schemes, the Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit serve (respectively) as the starting points, and each sign counted from them correspond to specific body parts.

e.g: In Scheme 1, the sign containing Fortune is the 1st sign and corresponds to the breast and sign 7 to the knees
In Scheme 2 the sign containing Spirit is the 1st sign, and corresponds to the heart and sign 7 to the bladder.

Scheme 3 is from Valens's own experience, and assigns body parts *and* diseases on the basis of each named sign.

E.g: Aries is indicative of the head in general and sensory factulties, specifically eyesight. Scorpio indicates the genitals and buttocks, but because of its sting (?) indicates weak eyesight, kidney stones etc. and so on for each sign.

Then Valens asks us to look at the sign where the Lot is located. This indicates the part of body indicated, and possibly the disease. Likewise the sign occupied by Spirit is supposed to 'clarify the disease'.

Third look at which planets are in the "place of Occupation" (1)

If malefics are in these places, (places of fortune, spirit, occupation?) and/or aspect their rulers, injuries and diseases will be quite violent.

(When these places and their rulers are well placed, the native will be hale and hearty.)

Then combine the nature of the planet, (the aspect and?) the sign to foretell the disease.

e.g (given by Valens) Mars is in Aries, the sign of the Lot (of Fortune). Aries represents the head. Scorpio, ruled by Mars represents the buttocks and genitals. So one can predict an injury to these parts. ( at least I assume the Mars rulership of Scorpio is the rationale for predicting injuries to genitals from Mars being in Aries)

Example 1:
Sun, Jupiter (ruler of Daimon), Mars, Lot of Fortune in Capricorn (sixth place)
Moon, Ascendant in Leo (first place)
Mercury, Venus in Aquarius (seventh place)
Saturn (ruler of Lot of Fortune) in Taurus (tenth place)
Lot of Daimon in Pisces (8th)

Hmm I would have thought the Lord of Fortune trining Fortune would be good news, especially since he seems to be in mutual reception with Venus. But it *is* a night birth, and Saturn is the out of sect malefic, which is strongly placed. Mars is also in the sixth)

Valens description of Capricorn (the sign the Lot of Fortune *and* the Lot of Spirit is in)
"Capricorn is indicative of the knees, the sinews, and internal and external sprains and strains because of its mysterious character. It causes weak vision and blindness because of its spiny vertebrae. It causes insanity, troubles from moist things; also delirium, incestuous women, lesbians and nymphomaniacs, banditry, and vice."

So we can expect a disease from this list. (lol at 'incestous women, lesbians and nymphomaniacs' as diseases).

"The native was blind on account of the Pleiades (2) and because of the malefic Saturn, and he had unmentionable vices because of both signs [Capricorn and Taurus].

In addition, Jupiter, the ruler of Daimon (in Pisces), was found in Capricorn.

From these configurations it was clear that he had gout. The Lot and its ruler was sufficient to reveal the disease and the injury"

I have no idea how he zeroed in on blindness vs say incestous women (lol). The gout indication seems to have been Lot of Spirit in Pisces which affects the feet, with Jupiter in the sixth. (something like that).

(1) What is "The Place of Occupation"?
(2) Interesting that Valens takes into account the fixed stars. A list of which stars he considers significant are not in the book so far (or I've missed them. In any case not to self, find a listing of stars *in the Zodiac* and memorize their positions - easier since I use a Sidereal Zodiac and so don't have to account for precession)

I'm internet-deprived for the next two weeks and this is my last post till I get back to civilization
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