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^ very good

death / 4 of swords rx

I think there is not much of a romantic future with J in the upcoming months at least (as far ahead as I can work with tarot). There has been too much gone on and now it's time for a rest, either you or J or both of you seem reluctant to take this much needed time apart for clarity of though and to let your emotions settle. That's not to say that you don't have a strong bond... you do, and this is the reason for the need for separating for a while. If there has been any kind of emotional abuse, you can't fix it by continuing down the old path... after a while, regroup and decide the romantic future, there is potential there.

What is going on between D and C?

That's so spot on! the insight!!! It's so spot on! Very very very helpful and useful. Thank you. Be blessed!
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