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3 of fire/Page of earth

I dont know but I'm getting the same feeling like I did with the other 2 cards. This looks very fertile. I believe that if they decide to give eachother another chance, they might end up with a baby. I'm not getting anything on their actual relationship though..just that there is a good chance of a 3rd person being thrown in the mix (a child).

Q: Does OTL feel like he has found "The one" in GF?
the world - page swords

OTL feels like he has found someone very significant in his life, but he may not think of the idea of 'the one' or soulmates etc because it's not his nature to think like that in general. OTL feels excited about the future and what experiences they can have, and memories they can make with GF.

if A gave J a second chance, conditional of him attending counselling aswell- how would J's behaviour change in their relationship long term?
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