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Weekly reading for Jan 18-25

Theme: Mountain: major challenge to overcome
Mountain Road you are on the road to success
Sunrise new creative ideas. New ventures. A fresh start
Ladder climbing toward success
Harp great happiness
Feather Someone you know is undependable and insincere

I don't think that this is my first time getting Feather. I wonder if it has to do with my friend, Gee. He is... unreliable. However, I trust him to be unreliable, which sort of undermines the meaning of the card. My mum, too, can be a bit challenging in this regard. I'll be spending a fair bit of time with her this week, as it's my birthday in a few days.

I wonder if Mountain has to do with overcoming Feather.

Sunrise + Ladder could be school. It could be work. It could be one of my side jobs (of which I have a handful). Harp could be a part of that as well.
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