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Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Knight cups rx

My eye is drawn to the upsidedown cup and I'm thinking of lampshades?
no not a lampshade, but I like your creative thinking It does have a conceptually cup shaped fabric cover....

Originally Posted by sweetcherise13 View Post
The Magician (Tarot of Trees)

Okay. My age will hopefully benefit me here.

The Magician card is one big glorious tree almost puffy in appearance with an object of each suit represented hanging from the tree.

It is very much giving a needle and thread feeling.

I'm going to guess a pincushion? Or a cushion of some type.
This is a good one...that magician has gotten you a step closer...the object isn't a pincushion, and although it isn't a cushion, I sometimes combine it's use with a cushion...
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