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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
Tower - Woman

I think he will give you the cold shoulder or otherwise ignore you

QU: Why do I (seem to) get better results with cards etc with no system ?
You know, I also notice this in myself too. When I focus more on the images rather than the actual meanings of the cards, I get a more accurate reading. Although this doesn't work for me with the lenormand. Only with tarot and oracle cards.

Dog - Woman

I get the feeling of you being your own best advisor. I think you tend to see the cards as a best friend, therefore treating it like its a member of your own family. With our friends and family, we tend to be more open and "loose" therefore being more comfortable as oppose to a coworker or boss that we won't reveal too much of ourselves to. I hope this makes sense.

Q: During the meeting, what will be the major reason he will give me the cold shoulder or ignore or just be plain unfriendly lol?
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