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Daily Draw for January 25th

I've been neglecting the thread - gosh, so much going on!

I did a daily draw for today. I don't have the book next to me me, so I don't remember the exact descriptions on the card. So these are just paraphrases

Pail - Time to Leave a Situation
Nest - Something about an emotionally secure family
Turkey - Someone acting stupid

As a freelancer, I've been dealing with a client who seems to be the type to just pay when he wants to, rather than following our deadline. The pail was spot on with my thoughts about this. Time to leave this situation!

The nest! Well, mom informed me that my cousin, who just had a baby recently, would like to invite us to her Christening in March. Cute!

Turkey - I'm not sure what this could be yet, but the night is still young.
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