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Tarot of Musterberg

Hi AT! This is my first new thread! Please excuse me if this a double post and this deck has been mentioned before.
(Also mods-please let me know if I'm sharing this in the right place, if this link is ok, etc.)
Has anyone heard of this deck? I stumbled across it while browsing Marseille decks on Pinterest.
It's a whimsical TdM Style deck (but with some RWS flourishes) from Austria limited to just 500 copies.
I love the simple color palate, and the modern take on the traditional tarot characters, and the creamy, off-white backgrounds. (Can you tell I'm excited?)
I sort of purchased this on a whim and was curious if any of you own this deck or have heard of it.
This link is for directly buying the deck, and only has a few images, but a proper Google search will show you a lot more.

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