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Tarot of Musterberg

Originally Posted by Bluefeet View Post
I have it and love it! The card stock is one of the loveliest and most luxurious - I've never seen any other tarot decks printed on acid free neutral paper, which is usually reserved for the production of high-end/collectible books (Easton Press, Folio Society etc.) According to the creators, "Musterberg" is fictional town from a comic series, I did not read the books but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the artwork. It also comes with a meaty LWB talking about both gaming and divination rules. Overall I highly recommend it!

For those who are interested, the World of Playing Cards has a short review on the deck:

Thanks for your input Bluefeet! The card stock sounds heavenly. How recently did you purchase your deck? The social media pages for Curio & Co. haven't been updated since December....

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