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Originally Posted by GotH View Post
I believe you can manifest material things or experiences through the LoA.

Yes, a lot of people say you must do your part which is true but the cool thing about the law is that even if you don't do your part, it's still the law to bring something to you as close to what it is you are desiring.

For example, say I wanted to go on a summer vacation to Alaska but I don't have a dime in the budget for it and I'm not doing anything to make it happen. There are things I could be doing to help manifest my desire along like doing my best to save up money, looking up travel sites or even talking to my friend that has been there for advice on inexpensive places to stay at. But if I do nothing but just send out the intention things will begin to come to me like travel brochures to Alaska in the mail or I'll see commercials of a cruise ship on the Pacific. These are confirmations that source is trying to help me achieve a desire. If I do nothing to help it along, I'll eventually end up with a book about someone's vacation memoires of Alaska in my hands that I never expected and source will consider it delivered.

We also need to keep in mind that source will only send out to you what is best for the good of all so sometimes we don't get exactly what we want. When I first began practicing the law, I sent out an intention for more romance in my life. I was at a point where I had no energy to go out and meet people and I never wanted to leave my home so I was doing nothing to help the process along. Then one day a family member who had no idea what I was hoping for gave me some perfume as a gift. It was a bottle of ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren. Source delivered and that was the end of it.

Now as far as self work goes. I think a big step in the right direction is based on gratitude. Appreciating the good things in your life and not focusing on those that are not so good will help you align your vibrations to your desires.

"Why gratitude? Nothing raises your vibration faster than the energy of gratitude. As you find things in your experience to appreciate, you discover more things to appreciate and it continues to snowball. The more you’re thankful, the more you feel good." ................ "We consistently beat the drum of the things we don’t like and don’t want in our lives and all we’re doing is holding the negative in our vibration, to which the Law of Attraction obediently reacts and draws to us more negative…whether we want it or not."

This is the key but like I said, it can be rather tricky..

Quoted text came from link below.
So in your experience if you take no action a desire will manifest in a minimal way. Interesting.

Also, a friend explained it like this that the universe looks down at So and so and says, "So and so seems so unhappy all the time. Guess we'll send So and so more unhappiness."
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