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Originally Posted by Moonpaw View Post
I don't agree that being positive is about self-worth. I'm more inclined to see it as finding the worth in the environment, people, and circumstances around you, although self-worth could be incorporated into that worldview, certainly.

While I believe that a person's self-esteem can have an effect on whether or not that person ends up being successful, I definitely don't think it's the only or even the most important factor. Lots of people believe that they deserve success and don't get it anyway--there are too many other factors weighing against them. Positivity in this situation to me would be more about redefining one's definition of success or accepting that meeting the standard of success isn't required to live a full, happy life. When you choose that outlook, you don't attract more prosperity, but you do learn to be more content with what you have--and that will lead to more contentment and positive life experiences overall, I believe.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't believe in the Law of Attraction if it means you get to manifest literally whatever you want just by wanting it hard enough. But I do think that "like attracts like" is generally true: If you already have something, you are likely to generate more. Success creates more success, and positivity creates more positivity. I just don't think that positivty will somehow create more success, or that success will somehow create more positivity; the two are inherently different.
The success of "failure" or being happy with what you have is another way around this; change your perspective instead of the circumstances. I agree on your other points that people in "lack" (without the prosperity they desire) are not there because they are pessimistic or suffer from low self-esteem necessarily. There are many variables involved that would be difficult for anyone to control. I guess that's another interesting angle of this whether or not you believe people are fully in control of their destiny?
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