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Well...... Sturm und Drang (not STRUM, that's not a German word) is a literary movement and has no equivalent in visual arts (painters were all Classicists at that time, influenced by theories of Oeser etc). I have never heard the expression "Sturm und Wunder" in my life, and I really studied the 18th and 19th century in German culture, deeply and for many years and with academic credentials.

The paintings shown and the painters mentioned are mostly Romantic landscape painters, Böcklin is a Symbolist, Durand is Hudson School.... none of them has any connection to Sturm und Drang.

While the choice of paintings is beautiful and I love this art, I sigh when I see how easily people throw historical and culture-historical terms around. It matters.

I understand why they didn't want to use the much-misused term "Romantic" which most people nowadays understand as "lovey-dovey" - far removed from the original meaning in the late 18th, early 19th century.

The deck is beautiful but it reminds me of the Art and Life - where great and famous works of art are transplanted one to one on a tarot card, I see the art and not the tarot. I love C.D. Friedrich very much, his paintings say so much that I can't interpret them as tarot card. The art is TOO evocative for me. I couldn't pinpoint for a reading. For meditation and affirmation, yes. But then I'd rather look at a reproduction in a book where I can see better. These paintings need scope, need air to breathe.

Obviously, that's a very personal thing.
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