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Surely her use of the word 'Strum' rather than 'Sturm' was intentional? I hope so. If not then that's rather a glaring mistake. I'm on the fence. Like a few pps I find it hard to separate the art from the Tarot. The Impressionist Tarot, for example, or Klimt's Tarot, I couldn't get past my own associations with the imagery and thus didn't purchase. Here I'm not quite as familiar with the artists so there's a bit more space for interpretation and intuition. I'm not sure how keen I am on the Court Card designations. I like Steward and Rider for Page and Knight but I'm less keen on Creature and Spirit for Queen and King. And her playing card-Tarot suit designations don't jive with mine but that's a minor quibble as they won't be a factor in the actual deck. The art is lovely in an ethereal kind of way tethered by its subject material, the earth itself. Will be watching this one on the merit of her previous deck plus her CS was great.
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