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If you're into the Thoth, definitely DavidH071! His grasp of Crowley's Tarot is so good, and his Thoth tutorials are where it's at. My only gripe is that he is quite slow in releasing his videos for the Majors - he started with the Fool in November 2015, and right now he's only released until Art (Temperance). That's about a Major a month, and at that rate he'd finish by August. Don't be alarmed though, he's already released his tutorials for all the Minors and the Courts, he just saved the Majors for last.

And since we're on the subject of Thoth tutorials - Polyphonic Tarot is also great, yet it seems he's not going to be able to conclude his series since his last vid was released in 2015. He has finished all the Majors, and of the Minors he didn't get to the 10 of Swords and all the Disks. No Courts either, but honestly none of it distracts from the depths with which he explored the other cards.
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