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Meanings inspired from the anime

The Mirror is a mischievous card who can steal the appearance of any person. In the anime, she took up the appearance of Sakura and caused trouble in the neighborhood. Of course, people thought it was actually Sakura who was acting like this. This scenario made me think about the shadow self, our dark side, which is the reflection of a part of our inner self. So this card could indicate that you need to work on your shadow self or that some situation or trouble is happening because your 'dark side' is taking too much space.

Also, in the same episode, the card caused a character to hurt himself quite badly and she eventually felt remorseful. This could symbolize that you need to reflect over your actions and possibly apologize or correct yourself if you did something wrong.

After its capture, Sakura used this card a lot as a cover up, when she would need to be at 2 places at the same time. So this card could mean that a certain day or event will be very busy (you would need a double of yourself), or it could refer to someone hiding something from you or lying to you.

The Mirror is under the power of the Earthy, the Sun and is related to Western magic.
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