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Meanings inspired from the anime

The Dark is, along with the Light, one of the most powerful cards of the deck, without them being elemental cards. She is a woman-like entity with a serene and gentle personality. The Light and the Dark are complementary to each other. They are always together and they wanted to be sealed together. It might symbolize the fact that some 'negative' is needed to balance the 'positive'. Also, nothing is only 'black' or 'white', but a mix of both. In this case, the focus is on the black or dark aspect.

The Dark has the ability to warp space and create a void area only filled with darkness. It might symbolize negativity or emptiness.

It also has the power to bring forth the night. This could symbolize night itself or any night-related matter or event.

In the anime, the Dark decided to test the main character to see if she was worth of becoming the Clow cards' master. It could be telling you that a challenging situation happened in your life because you had something to learn out of it.

The Dark is under the power of the Moon and commands the cards related to darkness and illusion. It is related to Eastern magic.
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