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Originally Posted by Sukanda View Post
Yes please... Need help with surrendering!

Tpbm needs to get a few things off his/her chest, ASAP! (King of Swords)
Correct... why are choices so damned frigging hard? Basically it is telling me to suicide and die...
Even it is no real suicical thought, life living not of myself and just THIS life and no other identity is not human life to me. It is so much of a pity that I have only started to get there and have things thinly on track where control is possible, but I am already dying, fast. Nobody around me in the air seemed to like the idea of me finding a single job.

God damned [email protected]#$ it.

TPBM got...

What a coincidence. I was thinking of The Moon. And I picked the same card I have been thinking.

The immense thoughts are the sides tgat reflects underneath. Your deep thoughts are the cause of your uptake. Failing to realize the shadow thoughts or the shallow thoughts through the superficial thought/instinct can mean a terminal failure. Be careful of the scopion hidden underneath.
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