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Originally Posted by CosmicTarot View Post
Three of Swords and Justice in reverse.
The process of selling all these furnitures that are carrying so many memories might have proved to be more upsetting than you first imagined, and it might have stirred up some hurt from the past. But with Justice is reverse, I feel this is something you have to do to clear the "karma" between you and your ex husband. Out with the old and in with the new. Justice, is a rather "ought to do" energy, even in reverse, methinks. Though, it can be that you're not honest with yourself that there is still hurt there, and you doing this could be to compensate for lack of closure with your ex. There could be something lingering that would be better handled by talking to whom it concerns. But I sense, there will be relief in the end.

Sorry, I managed to miss the TWO sentences part. Next time!

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I got a surge of bitter feeling before I pick the card, turned out there are three swords priecing the heart.

Three of swords, clarify ten wands
The field of science itself is long in a halt for the last 30 to 50 years for most. Development of our scientific technology is only based on age old work as an illusive coverup that had been in this earth for as long as 100 years, or even more.

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