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The quality difference is really striking. I wish I could post all the card comparisons. I do like some of the very red oriented cards slightly better in edition number one as it has deeper cooler reds, but the majority of them edition number two wins, both in overall look and as a closer match color wise to the original paintings. Neither printing gets yellows to match the originals exactly though.

I think the gold line around the image is going to look amazing. I did not get a sample to show because I didn't want to make the printers set up the press for it just to show me. I know pretty much how it will look because the Babalon edition of Tabula Mundi (my other deck) has the same process except in silver instead of gold, and also as a thin border around the image, and I love it. The foil is so reflective almost mirror like. In this case the Egyptian affinity for gold made that the logical choice. The box will have a gold foil symbol emboss but though I got a box sample it was without the foil as the die for it needs to be created.

All in all though I was so pleasantly surprised just because both the card and box samples exceeded expectations.
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