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Originally Posted by CosmicTarot View Post
I've always read Three of Swords as internal medicine, which is ironic, considering my question, and the fact that this happens to be a subject I'm very interested in. I would have preferred it to be coupled with Hermit, which is the ultimate "Doctor" card in my spreads. Ten of Wands could of course signify that it will be a lot of work, but I'll take the Elle Woods stance: "... I'm not afraid of a challenge". Ha! I realized I just did my own reading. Nonetheless, thank you for your post!
Oh you are welcome

Q: Why did B think 2 of Cups after our meeting? (I'm referring to a previously asked question in another thread).

Magus / Oppression (10 wands)
Because the restriction towards him is too high and B sees you as a relief outlet of his hidden emotion which he is afraid to project so to the others.

Argh, I forgot my own question,

What is the utmost obstacle thing that stops me from pursuing my original goal?
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